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Veerle Bervoets

Partially contracted

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Partially contracted

Education and training

  • 2003 verpleegkunde
  • 2004 BANABA spoed en intensieve zorgen
  • 2007 postgraduaat tropische geneeskunde
  • 2014 bachelor vroedkunde
  • 2021 opleiding homeopathie in de verloskunde

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Frequently asked questions
Does Veerle Bervoets accept new patients?
Yes, Veerle Bervoets accepts new patients.
Where does Veerle Bervoets work?
Veerle Bervoets works at: Ter Wereld (Godtsstraat 32, 2140 Borgerhout); HikkeTein (De Sevillastraat 126, 2100 Deurne).
Does Veerle Bervoets work in a practice?
Veerle Bervoets works at the following practice(s): Ter Wereld, HikkeTein
Is Veerle Bervoets contracted?
Veerle Bervoets is partially contracted.