Rosa oath

Reshaping healthcare around the patient

Our vision is to build a patient-centric approach to digital health to help people live longer and better lives. While doctors swear upon the Hippocratic oath of ethics, we swear upon Rosa’s oath, which embodies our core principles:

We believe health care is a human right, and quality care is something that everybody deserves.

While great advances in medicine continue to be made, healthcare systems are getting harder for patients and health professionals to navigate. The medical sector suffers from paperwork overload. Health care processes are being digitized, while empathy and humanity are left out. We want to change that.

We think technology should be used for the greater good.

Life, and health, can be simpler. Technology should support care by removing friction and effort for the patient as well as the health professional. It should facilitate communication between care providers and reinforce health relationships with patients. Less time on administration means more time for care.

We make it easier for patients to decide about their care. Supporting them every step of the way.

Our health and medical data are considered to be amongst the most private and sensitive data about us. While we see great potential in using data to improve health, we fiercely defend your privacy in full compliance with the European GDPR legislation. We commit to making it simple for you to see what data is collected, how it’s protected and how it benefits you. When it comes to your health data, you will always be in charge.

Together we will bring everyone around the patient. Because healthcare is a team effort.

Our ultimate goal is to improve health and help create better lives. This means working together with care providers and patients to find the best solutions. In order to keep our promise, we are committed to constant experimentation, iteration and improvement. We measure our success not by the number of users, but by the improvement in our users’ lives.

Join Rosa and together we can be the change in healthcare

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At Rosa, we believe in reinforcing the relationship between the health professional and the patient. Join our community today if you feel the same way.
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