About us

We want to shape the future of health

Rosa is a COVID-19 baby. We were born in April 2020, when the first wave of the pandemic had already hit Belgium. We took the following 6 months to develop Rosa in stealth mode.

What did we see? As we looked at healthcare, it was clear to us that health professionals are heroes. Not only because they take care of us, but also because they need to function in a demanding system. We admire their resilience in the face of so much effort and paperwork.

What did we hear? Heroes craving for better relationships. Less paperwork, more time with people

It’s in that context that we felt the need to launch Rosa. Let’s shape the future of healthcare together.

We are a non-profit

Rosa is a non-profit company. We believe it’s possible to make great software, thanks to the help and feedback from our users. When they need advanced features or wish to support our cause, they can contribute with our premium offering.

We are a team

Improving healthcare is a team job. Rosa is made with the passion, sweat and tears of tremendous people. Our project is about health professionals and patients, not about us. Want to get to know us? Have a look at our LinkedIn page.

Join Rosa and together we can be the change in healthcare

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At Rosa, we believe in reinforcing the relationship between the health professional and the patient. Join our community today if you feel the same way.
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